Original oil commissions start at $120 per square foot depending on canvas type, surface and shipping costs ~ minimum 24"x36"    For quotes write to capricornucopia@hotmail.com

 To Mysore with Love
Poornima and Adishesh Barthur of Mysore, India

Djubaidah and the Dream of the Magnolias

I met Djubaidah as I was becoming opened in Subud. A good friend of mine Sebastian Nicolas had returned from Jakarta where he had been spontaneously opened in the Latihan Kejiwaan or spiritual exercise. I found myself very sensitive in his company and upon further inquiry, found myself at the door or Djubaidah Irwin, long-time Subud member and helper.  Prior to meeting Djubaidah I had hit a low point in my life and was reaching out for a new point of entry. Each time I would run into Djubaidah I would say, "I have been meaning to come and see you" where she would reply with sweet assurity, "You will come when you are ready". Very shortly after I had a dream of passionflowers and magnolias. As the blossoms opened up, they took flight like doves and the beating of their wings woke me from my sleep. I knew it was time to go and learn about the Latihan.  It was after one deeply touching practice I asked to take Djubaidah's portrait in her garden. After processing her image I found a flash of white light floating above her head. It was this photograph that I was moved to paint. 

I haven't seen Djubaidah for awhile. I can still hear her voice in my head....."You will come when you are ready".

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Paloma and Carolina    2010   48"x72"

My friend Francisco Pena; whom hereafter shall be affectionately referred to as "Paco", stopped by my home one day to talk. He had decided that he wanted to commission me to paint a portrait of his new wife Carolina. We discussed size, dimension and how we would meet again to pick out the canvas together. When we met again, it was like a top-secret mission. As this was a surprise for his wife, we had to sneak out unseen, sending secret emails and looking over our backs, as if it were some secret affair. After pouring over countless images of Carolina and their new daughter Paloma, I finally found the images that resonated with me. The painting took several months for me to complete, as I took long breaks to contemplate how best to convey the emotion I was reading from their photographs, combined with the obvious affection Paco had for his new family. In the process of completing "Paloma and Carolina" I found myself using the boldest palette I have ever explored. Napthol reds and hues of Cerulean blue begged me to leave them unaltered, while fronds of tropical foliage spilled down the centre of the work. In this process I learn that canvas, brush and paint are my master.

The Connif Family

One of the things I love most when embarking upon a commission portrait; is when the patron is completely on board with my process. To enter into this arrangement with a preconcieved idea of the outcome is to hinder the creative process completely. In the case of the Connif family, Alice; who is also a painter, sent me a large number of photographic images and trusted me fully with the interpretation of those images. This portrait is comprised of three different photographs; the first where father Dean and son Edwin Raven were hiking in the mountains near Canmore, Alberta. The second was from a photograph of Alice in a Halloween costume. The landscape was taken from a wedding photograph shot at the Three Sisters mountains where Dean and Alice were married. The final touch was an image of a raven placed above the child's head, reference to his name and ethnicity.