Sunday, March 20, 2011

Magic of the Mandala

Original carved block inspired by the radial symmetry of the Mandala.This work is named Prayer for Bharat. The work has become auspicious by nature of the fact that all proceeds in sales have gone toward charitable efforts including the East Meets West Orphans Foundation and Artists for Japan Relief.

Original drawing started with a doodle; playing with the Golden Mean and subtle play between geometric and organic sensibility. 

Teaching mandala design to kids is a great way to integrate geometry into art as well as learning to recognize radial symmetry in nature.  Before they knew it, I had kids measuring and calculating angles, contemplating the numerical significance of snowflakes and sunflowers.

Offering Magic of Mandalas course for youth this summer. For more information check Summer Art School for Youth at

The printed image and original block are both works in their own right and are works in progress.

Mobius Mandala

This mandala design was arrived at using a tessellation method whereby the original 3"x4" block was turned 45 degrees with each printing to produce a continuous image. Homage to the cyclical and eternal.