Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prayer for Bharat

A work created out of devotion and hope for peaceful resolve between Hindus and Muslims; brothers and sisters of Earth, please stop the bloodshed.

Original carved block print and mixed media on newsprint. The block design was created
in reference to sacred geometry; the grand design in nature (God), and is set in six-point radial symmetry; that which can be found in snow crystals.

The Globe and Mail article exposes Pakistani American David Headley who scouted locations for the Mumbai attacks. The front page of the Times of India features an article which proposes resolution between Pakistan and India with caption that reads "Love Pakistan". The third is a Calgary (Canadian) newspaper written in Urdu (?) which speaks to the day-to-day life we all live and how many cultures can co-exist in a truly pluralistic society such as Canada strives to be.

Thank you to my friendly neighbours, (and fellow Indophiles), who have purchased these works for their home.